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Breaking the Data “Slicing and Dicing” Fever

We’ve noticed that HR leaders have a fever for slicing and dicing employee survey data. This approach can make a fever turn into the full-blown flu because (1) slicing and dicing probably means there isn’t a strategy and (2) slicing and dicing end up making important decisions based on nothing. Don’t feed the fever! Let […]

Full Circle Data Collection: An Approach for Reducing Turnover

It’s important that you collect information from employees from the time they first speak with a recruiter and begin working (entrance survey), to their first few months on the job (onboarding), through their years working at the company (engagement survey) to when they leave (exit survey). If you do, you have at your fingertips the […]

Employee Experiences, NOT Engagement, Found to Impact Outcomes 100% of the Time

If your organization is solely focused on employee engagement, you’ll want to read on. If you aren’t focused on management, job fit, or senior leadership, you’ll want to read on. If you want to find the secret to improving your organization’s bottom line (e.g., sales revenue, percent to budget metrics, and customer and patient satisfaction), […]

Want to Increase Your Employee Survey Scores?

As the calendar is getting ready to turn once again, are you reflecting upon the outcome (or lack thereof) of your employee survey for yet another year? Good news: this blog will unveil the specific actions that lead­ers have taken to not only drive significant increases in their employee survey scores (on average 0.10 on […]

5 Ways to Drive Real Results: Action Planning

A very common (and legitimate) complaint about employee surveys from the perspective of employees is the lack of action taken once the survey is over. Most of the time and energy is spent building the survey, drumming up participation, and then studying the results. Then, a full inbox, new product launches, technology changes, etc. push […]

SMD Prediction Comes True: Leveraging the Right Data

It’s happened again! One of our “Crystal Ball” predictions from last year has come true. Luckily, the proof associated with this prediction can greatly impact the decisions made within your department. Read on to learn more about how the right data harvested correctly can be more impactful than more data. Prediction from 2016: The Data […]