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Money-Mouth Guarantee for HR Investments

Is this you? A charge from upper management to reduce turnover – check. Your survey vendor gives you stacks of survey results – check. The vendor provides a snazzy PowerPoint presentation – check. The vendor’s survey platform provides lots of charts and tables of said results – check. The vendor guarantees the actions you take […]

HR Analytics: What’s Your Current State? Try Our Check-Up

Are you leveraging HR analytics to truly improve business metrics? If you’re not utilizing HR analytics in your role, why not? Maybe it’s because you don’t even know where to start. You’re not alone if that’s the case; we’ve seen that same shell shock with many companies that are either starting or continuing to build […]

Can HR Analytics Help You? Yes…

Are you leveraging HR analytics to truly improve business metrics? There is a great deal of upside to doing so, including (1) a greater understanding of employee knowledge, skills, and abilities that drive business outcomes specific to your organization; (2) the ability to make people investments that truly deliver results; (3) a way to calculate […]

Leadership Character & the Bottom Line- A Comment on SMD Research by the Turknett Leadership Group

Last month we discussed the goal of our recent research – to assess how often each of the most commonly measured employee attitudes was found to be a statistically significant driver of business outcomes – and we highlighted the reaction of John Sumser of HR Examiner. This month’s post provides the perspective of Turknett Leadership Group. […]

How to Remain Union-Free with Employee Surveys

Organizations must be proactive about remaining union-free because the NLRB has made unionization attempts a question of WHEN and not if. The employee survey is the perfect opportunity to assess your level of readiness but, keep in mind, not all surveys are created equal. Typical employee survey vendors will claim they have a “union vulnerability” […]

What’s Trending in Healthcare HR Analytics?

You’re probably hearing “data” and “analytics” tossed around frequently but not sure which trends are meaningful or beneficial. We’ve cut through the clutter for you and boiled the trends down to the top five, along with the risk/challenge and benefit of each. 1. More Data & More Measurement: Many survey vendors and so-called “thought leaders” […]

Bursting the Employee Engagement Bubble

How many of you spend countless hours chasing employee engagement scores, and a ton of money on employee surveys? Are you demonstrating the bottom-line impact of this time and money? Maybe you’re now wondering why you started focusing so much on employee engagement in the first place. I’d like to give you a little background […]