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How to Remain Union-Free with Employee Surveys

Organizations must be proactive about remaining union-free because the NLRB has made unionization attempts a question of WHEN and not if. The employee survey is the perfect opportunity to assess your level of readiness but, keep in mind, not all surveys are created equal. Typical employee survey vendors will claim they have a “union vulnerability” […]

What’s Trending in Healthcare HR Analytics?

You’re probably hearing “data” and “analytics” tossed around frequently but not sure which trends are meaningful or beneficial. We’ve cut through the clutter for you and boiled the trends down to the top five, along with the risk/challenge and benefit of each. 1. More Data & More Measurement: Many survey vendors and so-called “thought leaders” […]

Bursting the Employee Engagement Bubble

How many of you spend countless hours chasing employee engagement scores, and a ton of money on employee surveys? Are you demonstrating the bottom-line impact of this time and money? Maybe you’re now wondering why you started focusing so much on employee engagement in the first place. I’d like to give you a little background […]

It’s Time to Operate (on your Talent Strategy): How HR Can Improve HCAHPS Scores & Readmissions

Are you exhausted from not having the answers to the following questions? Do HCAHPS scores drive readmissions? Or do readmissions drive HCAHPS scores? Wonder no longer – we have uncovered the answers. And, with the results from the research we conducted, you will be able to identify and address barriers to good performance and significantly […]

A Solution to Revolving Doors (and other issues) at Restaurant & Retail Organizations

Does this sound like you? You’re working in a restaurant or retail organization and your default response when senior leadership speaks about razor-thin profit margins and extremely high employee turnover is “we should conduct an employee survey” or “let’s look at engagement scores or benchmarks.” Is this approach effective for you? Do you have an answer […]

Tailor-Made, Not One-Size-Fits-All: An Analytics Approach for Employee Retention & Turnover Reduction

Randstad recently announced the results of its most recent Employer Branding Survey, citing four key factors impacting employee attraction and retention. A lack of career path, not salary, is the number one reason employees leave their jobs Facebook, not LinkedIn, is the number one social media tool used for job searches A strong work/life balance […]

Bullseye! An Example of Hitting the Target

We are concluding our three-part series on targeted assessments with a case study, just to prove to you that this approach truly does work. Case Study: Organizational Climate as a Change Management Technique Three years ago, SMD was contacted by a company interested in a targeted assessment focused on measuring the strength of employees’ identification […]