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Ready, Aim, Target…and Measure

In last month’s post, we gave you a pop quiz. Did you learn that you needed to conduct a targeted assessment? If so, you’re in luck as we are continuing our three-part blog series on targeted assessments. This post is dedicated to identifying when and how to conduct one and then how to be sure […]

Missing the Mark with Your Approach to Organizational & Workforce Issues? Hit the Bullseye with Targeted Assessments

At some point, your organization will face acute workforce issues that could benefit from targeted assessments and subsequent actions. Although conducting a targeted assessment may at first seem like one more initiative that will take up valuable resources, the risk of not addressing acute organizational issues can be much more costly. Consider the following scenario […]

Don’t be Fooled: Predictive or Not?

How do you know if you are truly conducting predictive analytics? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. Few organizations fully harness the potential of predictive analytics due to a number of misconceptions about predictive analysis methods. It is not uncommon for an organization to invest in a predictive analytics program that is actually not […]

Predictive Analytics Myths Debunked

We recently presented at the Predictive Analytics World Workforce conference where one of the industry’s hot topics – predictive analytics – was sliced and diced in a hundred different ways. As PhDs, we geek out when talking about big data, modeling and analyses. That also means we can’t help but point out some fallacies in […]

Big Data Blunders: Not All Analytics are Created Equal

You’re hard pressed to go through a day and not see or hear a mention of big data. Let’s start with the definition. According to an Inc. magazine article, “Simply put, big data refers to a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using traditional data processing applications.” […]

Spinning in Circles About 360 Surveys?

Answers to Common 360 Survey Questions As we were planning our 360 Feedback Surveys that Drive Business Results webinar, we began thinking about some of the questions we’re frequently asked about 360 surveys. Our Director of Research & Analytics, Hannah Spell, provided her insights on a few questions below. If you have a question, submit […]