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Just Released - SMD’s Annual Employee Experience Study

Employee-Experience Deep Dive: Study Shows what Lies Beneath

SMD conducted their fourth annual study to understand how the employee experience impacts organizational outcomes, taking the research to the next level this year. Read Now

SMD Announces the Launch of New Book

new book coverSMD announces the launch of Predicting Business Success: Using Smarter Analytics to Drive Business Outcomes at the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) annual conference June 17-20, 2018 Read Press Release

SMD Named as Auburn’s #1 Fastest-Growing Company

AuburnSMD was recognized as the top fastest-growing business founded, owned or led by an Auburn University alumnus, marking the second consecutive year that the company ranked as a Top Tiger.  Read Press Release


The Bridge: Linking HR to Business Outcomes

5 Reasons You Need to Continuously Listen … with a Purpose
A trend in the HR Tech/Assessment space is measuring and surveying employees all the time. Vendors that push this strategy hook leaders with the question: “How can you effectively manage
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Employee Survey Checklist
Questions to Ask Before Initiating Your Employee Survey
From administration and analytics capabilities to reporting and return on investment, there are dozens of considerations when deciding how to deploy an employee survey. All those details can be boiled
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5 Tips for Building Your Employee Survey the Right Way
Many organi­zations are still not articulating the potential opportunity to drive business outcomes via the employee survey and instead continue to only focus on ill-defined outcomes such as engagement. By
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Flight Risk
3 Dangers & 3 Upsides of Flight Risk Models
Many thought leaders and firms are talking about the magic of creating flight risk models. We know that there are upsides to flight risk models that we have with our
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From Who to How: How to Report & Present Employee Survey Results
You’ve deployed your employee survey and gotten the results back; now what? Let us simplify the process for you a bit. Company-Wide & Departments Survey Content The content of the
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By integrating and analyzing together all of the data from all surveys you’ve conducted, SMD develops a full story of an employee’s experience at your organization and subsequently pinpoints issues, through our Employee Lifecycle solution utilizing SMD Link.

What it’s like working with SMD

“It’s been a great experience working with you and your team – a true partnership. The quality of your work, understanding of our culture and complexities and your service orientation is appreciated.”

Gerry GeckleSenior Vice President of Human Resources, UHS

“Thanks for your help on our employee survey…you guys ‘deliver’ on the promise…that speaks volumes.”

Darryl Robinson Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Dignity Health System

“SMD is the best vendor we have ever worked with.”

Mary McNeilDirector of Employee Relations, Gwinnett Medical Center

“Look forward to working with you and your fine staff in the future.”

John ThompsonVice President & Director of Human Resources, EBSCO Industries

“In my 40 years of doing this, SMD’s survey technology and process is by far the best I have ever been a part of.”

Debby PatrickSVP of HR, Lehigh Valley Health Network

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