Questions to Ask Before Initiating Your Employee Survey

From administration and analytics capabilities to reporting and return on investment, there are dozens of considerations when deciding how to deploy an employee survey. All those details can be boiled…Read More.

5 Tips for Building Your Employee Survey the Right Way

Many organi­zations are still not articulating the potential opportunity to drive business outcomes via the employee survey and instead continue to only focus on ill-defined outcomes such as engagement.…Read More.

From Who to How: How to Report & Present Employee Survey Results

You’ve deployed your employee survey and gotten the results back; now what? Let us simplify the process for you a bit. Company-Wide & Departments Survey Content The content of the survey…Read More.

Rethink Your Employee Survey If It Doesn’t Include These

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Do you know which (if any) of your survey categories actually impact issues like turnover? Are you able to provide direction to managers regarding which items under each category they need to work on?…Read More.
Dignity Health Transforms HR Department with Smarter Analytics

Dignity Health Transforms HR Department with Smarter Analytics

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Over the last decade, Dignity Health has undergone tremendous growth and change. Ten years ago, our organization, then known as Catholic Healthcare West, was more of a holding entity than an operating…Read More.

Breaking the Data “Slicing and Dicing” Fever

We’ve noticed that HR leaders have a fever for slicing and dicing employee survey data. This approach can make a fever turn into the full-blown flu because (1) slicing and dicing probably means there…Read More.

Employee Experiences, NOT Engagement, Found to Impact Outcomes 100% of the Time

If your organization is solely focused on employee engagement, you’ll want to read on. If you aren’t focused on management, job fit, or senior leadership, you’ll want to read on. If you want to find…Read More.

Want to Increase Your Employee Survey Scores?

As the calendar is getting ready to turn once again, are you reflecting upon the outcome (or lack thereof) of your employee survey for yet another year? Good news: this blog will unveil the specific actions…Read More.

Can Turnover Risk Be Used as a Proxy for Actual Turnover? We Have the Answer

You would probably jump at the chance to impact your organization’s bottom line by reducing the voluntary turnover rate of high performing employees (i.e., reducing the number of good employees who choose…Read More.

ICYMI: HR Developments Through the Decades

We recently read an interesting article, “HR’s Epic Journey,” in Human Resource Executive’s 30th anniversary issue, and we thought the insights offered by several CHROs were worth repeating.…Read More.