Dignity Health Transforms HR Department with Smarter Analytics

Dignity Health Transforms HR Department with Smarter Analytics

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Over the last decade, Dignity Health has undergone tremendous growth and change. Ten years ago, our organization, then known as Catholic Healthcare West, was more of a holding entity than an operating…Read More.

Actionable Tips for Improving the Employee Experience, Turnover & Patient Satisfaction

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We recently conducted a study that focused on uncovering the key factors that impact two healthcare metrics – employee turnover and patient satisfaction (HCAHPS). Why? Because these factors are critical…Read More.

What’s Trending in Healthcare HR Analytics?

You’re probably hearing “data” and “analytics” tossed around frequently but not sure which trends are meaningful or beneficial. We’ve cut through the clutter for you and boiled the trends down…Read More.

It's Time to Operate (on your Talent Strategy): How HR Can Improve HCAHPS Scores & Readmissions

Are you exhausted from not having the answers to the following questions? Do HCAHPS scores drive readmissions? Or do readmissions drive HCAHPS scores? Wonder no longer – we have uncovered the answers.…Read More.