HR Analytics: What’s Your Current State? Try Our Check-Up

Are you leveraging HR analytics to truly improve business metrics? If you’re not utilizing HR analytics in your role, why not? Maybe it’s because you don’t even know where to start. You’re not alone if that’s the case; we’ve seen that same shell shock with many companies that are either starting or continuing to build their capabilities in HR analytics.

HR Analytics Clarified

The true meaning of HR analytics has gotten lost in the buzz in many cases. It’s important to understand what effective HR analytics should and should not look like.

  • HR analytics are not about just slicing and dicing HR data and creating numerous tracking reports
  • HR analytics must show true cause-effect impact on real business outcomes and report predictive metrics
  • HR analytics must report actionable information for front-line leaders
  • HR analytics must show actual business impact (Driving engagement scores does NOT show business impact!)
  • Analytics platforms that offer to help create “beautiful pictures” with HR data have no business impact and are a waste of money
  • PowerPoint presentations of correlations to the C-suite have limited organization-wide impact

How to Get Started

You understand the power and you see what HR analytics is and is not. Now you’re ready to get started. To help, we are offering an HR Analytics Check-Up to evaluate the current state of your organization’s HR analytics, processes, and tools. The output is a roadmap that contains and prioritizes the opportunities for improvement. The audit and roadmap are completely customized to the organization. As a result of our analysis and subsequent recommendations, you will be not only be able understand and communicate the value of HR analytics, but also improve your HR analytics competencies. Additional benefits include the following:

  • Identify opportunities for HR process and tool improvement
  • Drive change through ROI / financial impact
  • Optimize HR budgeting and spending
  • Reduce risk with the introduction of HR analytics by leveraging analytics the “right way”

We follow a three-step process (full description may be found here): (1) Assess current state of data collection, reporting, HR processes, and HR tools; (2) Evaluate effectiveness and opportunities for improvement and (3) Develop a findings report and PowerPoint presentation to be delivered to key stakeholders.

Contact us today to start your check-up.

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