New & Improved Action-Planning Tool, ActionGenius

We’re pleased to announce the launch of ActionGenius, our patent-pending, cloud-based action-planning tool linked to business outcomes that enables compliance and shows return-on-investment (ROI) impact. Our patented tool, SMD Link, has always had an action-planning component but ActionGenius is a more robust version that includes best practices that have been proven to deliver improvement, and an even more in-depth post-assessment ROI analysis. The tool prioritizes actions, via advanced analytics, against actual business outcomes.

By interacting with clients across a variety of industries, we know that there is frustration about the action-planning process; so much energy is put into survey administration and participation and over-analyzing all the numbers and comments, which exhausts everyone involved when it’s time to action plan throughout the year. Yet, none of this time and energy yields results. ActionGenius enables clients to drive action from one survey, holding managers and employees accountable, versus spinning wheels to conduct multiple surveys that yield zero action. With ActionGenius, one can move from analytics to action in just four clicks.

The tool ensures accountability by requiring that managers review and approve the plan at the outset, and then sends monthly reminders to them. The enhanced post-assessment reporting alerts managers to which actions are working so that coaching and encouragement can be focused, and continuous, through the year. As such, compliance can be easily monitored.

With ease of use in mind, we developed the tool so that the tips may be customized and it links to any learning management system. It may also be attached to any assessment (e.g., 360, employee survey, etc.).

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