Predictive Analytics in HR: Our Crystal Ball Says …

Part V

This is what you’ve all been waiting for: our last prediction! We saved this one for last because it’s very personal to you and your development in the future.

#5 Demand for Analytics Skills will Continue to Grow

We are already seeing an increasing demand for HR analytics skills. Actually, there is already a shortage of these skills in the job market. Our advice: make sure you are growing your skillset and being proactive about bringing these skills to your organization. Our crystal ball sees the following happening:

  • Statistics Surge in Schools: We predict that HR educational programs will emphasize statistics and data analysis. Sometimes academia can be slow to adapt, but many programs are already starting to expand existing curriculum to include more statistical methods courses.
  • Skill Set Search: Organizations hiring for HR roles will increasingly seek out candidates with these skills. Again, we are already starting to see this in the job market. HR leaders don’t have to be statisticians, but they must understand the application of analytics and be good consumers.
  • Are YOU I/O?: Demand for I/O psychologists in HR functions will sky-rocket (and in fact is already occurring). I/O psychology is basically the application of psychology to the workplace founded on the scientific method and requires the application of statistical methods. I/O psychologists are experts in behavior, knowledge transfer, attitudes, aptitude, and statistical methods. Essentially, they possess the perfect combination of skills for HR analytics. Predicting human behavior and performance is very difficult and complicated. I/O psychologists know how to do this – hence the increased demand for their skillsets.

Thank you for indulging us in our game of predictions. If you missed any of the prior predictions, you may read all here in our white paper. Do you agree with us? Let us know by commenting below.

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