How to Remain Union-Free with Employee Surveys

Organizations must be proactive about remaining union-free because the NLRB has made unionization attempts a question of WHEN and not if. The employee survey is the perfect opportunity to assess your level of readiness but, keep in mind, not all surveys are created equal.

Typical employee survey vendors will claim they have a “union vulnerability” measure to warn of unionization risk – but be careful – these measures are NOT validated and are by no means any type of guarantee of avoiding union risk. In short, measures of vulnerability have limited value.

Can Your Leaders Win?

SMD partnered with an organization that has more than 35 years of keeping organizations union-free (IRI Consultants) to establish proprietary items that assess the level of proactive labor prevention skills and tell you whether your leaders have the skills to win union elections and keep unions out in the first place.

The five key factors they identified are below. It’s critical to make these proprietary indices a part of your annual employee opinion survey.

  1. Management campaign skills
  2. Union-free environment
  3. Effective communication
  4. National Labor Relations Act knowledge
  5. Union vulnerability

Don’t Let Information Sit Idle

Including the items in the survey is a great first step. Don’t stop there. Be sure you have a tool in place to view the results for these key assessments at once so that all leaders may begin taking action organization-wide and locally. It’s ideal to have training content specific to the development needs that can be immediately launched from the action planning tool. Otherwise, you’ve spent time and money on a survey and aren’t directing anyone in the organization to actually take action. We want you to see results, not just reports on your desk (because one you can tout to the C-suite and one you cannot).

For a deeper dive view our white paper here.

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